Wednesday January 22, 2003

Started walking w/ Rita at 9 a.m. - Perfect sunlight at Campo d' Fiori - Angled winter light. 10 am appointment at De Chirico's house. Private tour - Saw his bed, his chair, his dining room filled w/still lifes--One modeled on Cezanne's style, another on Boecner (sp?). His last painting next to his easel was a partial copy of Michaelangelo - only a face centered in white canvas . Fine sculpture of 2 people w/ Roman ruins in their bellies. Galleria National D' Arte Moderna after quick return look at 2 Caravaggio's & 2 Bernini's in S. Maria Del Popolo.

Great Morandi landscape with houses on all sides. Nice Felice Casorati of Green Apples. And in the good book store, saw a catalog of Miquel Barcelo painting and sculpture, and ceramics. The sculpture seemed to come out of the paintings, monkey on a pile of books.

Visited Rachel Allen's studio-great drawings of Tempietto - and she is making one into necklace of rubber.

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