Sunday January 26, 2003

Saturday morning woke up w/ decision to spend 5 last days painting the artichoke sculpture 1 black, 2 red, 3 blue, 4 raw umber, 5 black, green, and umber and a bit of a mess. Went to Palentine for photos. Margaret Helfand's studio 5:30 she is drawing w/oil stick, boiling down old floor plans great raw sienna color - may steal color - simple, clean minimal style of Margaret's is rolling around in my mind - we disagree about Sol Lewitt, but maybe I'm wrong.

Saturday, I went to Contemporary/Temporary at Termine Train Station. Saw a video that was interactive. Slides w/ Gabrielle Ireland. Great dinner Evangelista. Caciofi, of course ! (Baked, not Fried).

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